Navigate parking at the health centre

photo of front of pay station with graphics explaining use

When you drive into the parking lot, the gate opens automatically. There is no ticket to take (or lose).

To exit, you pay directly at the gate with a credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket at the pay station in the west wing (near Durham Radiology Associates) with credit, debit or cash and then exit by scanning the ticket.


We charge a flat rate of $4 no matter how long you are in the parking lot.

That’s why there is no ticket to mark the time you enter, the time you exit, and escalating charges for the duration. That also means there is no grace period, so if you drop someone off or pick someone up, you pay the total amount to exit.

There is no extra charge if you spend several hours visiting various services (or take a break in a nearby restaurant) to complete your visit in one convenient location.


Affordable, convenient parking


Pay station

Start payment

Opening screen.

Step 1

Press first to pay

First button on the right.

Step 2

Card or cash?

Choose your method of payment.

Step 3 (cash)

Coins or bills

Pay with money pictured

Step 3 (card)

Tap or insert card

Use keypad to enter details.


Take ticket to exit.

You have 12 hours to exit once.

If you are near the pay station and want to purchase your ticket prior to your appointment, that’s okay. From the time you pay, you have twelve hours to exit one time only before the ticket expires. Keep it with you, because you will scan it when you get to the exit terminal.

If you leave Bowmanville Health Centre, come back again, and park in the lot, you must buy another ticket to exit.

Some of the businesses in the centre will provide a free voucher to exit. See them for specific conditions.


Scan at exit

Expiration date and time printed on ticket.


Place bar code in reader

Slowly insert ticket face up.


Check out doctor's offices and services for contact information

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